Edible Tree Forest

The Edible Tree Forest is a plantation of edible fruiting trees and bushes as well as medicinal plants.  The Edible Tree Forest is a public pick area (vs. the raised garden beds which are NOT PUBLIC PICK!!).   The best way to know when something is ripe is to following the communications of Renfrew Community Garden Facebook Group.  Please respect the community and pick some, leaving some for others to enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE:  The raised garden beds are NOT PUBLIC PICK!  They are privately rented and grown. Please respect the Renfrew Community Garden membership and DO NOT PICK from the raised garden beds!!

ALMOST everything growing in the Edible Tree Forest will have edible fruit, edible leaves or medicinal qualities.  However, not everything is safe to eat.  Please practice safe picking and only pick and eat what you are familiar with or ask a member who can help you.

DO NOT plant into the Edible Tree Forest without the consent of the executive.  We are adhering strictly to the Conceptual Design .

All transplants will require a 1 month quarantine so that we do not introduce any invasive weeds such as Creeping Bellflower into our garden.

Apple, Battleford (1) planted May 30, 2018
Apple, Hardi-Mac (1) planted June 24, 2018
Cherry, Evans (2) planted June 24, 2018
Cherry, Romance, Crimson Passion (1) planted June 24, 2018
Cherry, Romance, Cupid (1) planted September 9, 2018
Cherry, Romance, Juliet (1) planted June 24, 2018
Cherry, Romance, Romeo (1) planted June 24, 2018
Pear, Early Gold (1) planted June 24, 2018
Pear, Paul’s (1) planted September 17, 2017
Plum, Canada (Prunus Nigra) (1) planted May 30, 2018
Plum, Pembina (1) planted May 30, 2018

Currant, Ben Nevis Black (3) planted May 27, 2018
Current, Golden (1) planted May 27, 2018
Goji Berry (1) planted June 25, 2018
Gooseberry, Pixwell (1) planted June 24, 2018
Gooseberry, Black (1) planted May 27, 2018
Honeyberry, Honey Bee (2) planted August 26, 2017
Honeyberry, Honey Bee (1) planted September 5, 2017
Honeyberry, Borealis (1) planted September 5, 2017
Honeyberry, Tundra (2) planted September 5, 2017
Jostaberry (3) planted May 27, 2018 & June 24, 2018
Kinnikinnick aka Bearberry (2) planted May 27, 2018
Saskatoon, JB30 (3) planted August 26, 2017
Saskatoon, Northline (6) planted September 9, 2017
Seabuckthorn, female (3) planted September 4, 2017
Seabuckthorn, male (1) planted September 4, 2017
Strawberry: Garden, Alpine, Wild

Anise Hyssop
Blue Wild Indigo
Creeping Thyme
Good King Henry
Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke)
Lemon Balm
Mint: Several Varieties
Perennial Onion (walking onion)
Sorrel (French)
Tiger Lily

Red Flash Orach
White Dutch Clover