RCG Social Media

Now that the Renfrew Community Garden is built and actively growing, we are starting to rely more on social media to relay our day-to-day news and updates.  To participate, this is where to find us:


  • In Twitter, search for @RCAGarden1




Do Not Walk In The Trilobite Swale Please

You won’t believe it!  The trilobite swale is complete.  After digging down 60+ cm in some places and moving over 135,000 pounds of soil to the landfill site… after bringing in 43 yards of garden mix and 32 yards of mulch & spreading it all around by hand… the trilobite swale is complete!

Yesterday we seeded the trilobite swale with Miracle-Gro Flower Magic for the bees, white clover for fixing nitrogen and daikon radish for loosening the heavy soils below!  SO PLEASE ACCESS THE GARDEN USING THE ENTRANCE-WAYS 🙂.  Let’s let the little green things start to grow in peace.

Unloading Soil at the DUMP

We moved over 135,000 lbs of soil from our garden to the dump to create the trilobite swale which will capture rainwater runoff from the park above and distribute it to our edible tree forest!! Each and every load has had to be filled and then emptied by hand… what a labour of love this has been!!