Kiwanis Volunteers – Digging to China!!


Sandstone Boulder Retaining Wall in Place

Thank you to Kiwanis Club and New Concept Landscaping & Contracting Ltd. for the donation and placement of our new sandstone boulder retaining wall!

Tree Canada Edible Tree Grant

Hi everyone!  I just found out that we are still in the running for the 2017 Edible Tree Grant offered by Tree Canada!

Tree Canada, if you’re reading this, please select the RCG for the 2017 Edible Tree Grant.  Our “trilobite” is almost ready for all those beautiful fruit trees and bushes!!  We’re super-excited to get those plants in the ground!!

Spring UP!! Fundraiser HUGE SUCCESS!!

Thank you to Samantha and Michelle for their amazing success in organizing the “Spring UP!! for the Renfrew Community Garden” fundraiser party.  Due to their amazing effort, the party raised a good chunk of money towards the opening this spring!!  Please check out the Benefactors tab to view a complete list of community organizations and companies that supported this fundraiser!