Registration Form

Please use the link below (RCG Registration Package) to access the Mission Statement, Bylaws, Registration Package, Rental Agreement for the Renfrew Community Garden.

To become a member of the Renfrew Community Garden, please complete the form below (it is in PDF format) and return to the Renfrew Community Association mailbox or email to  Rental of community garden beds are granted on a first come, first served basis, so don’t hesitate to get the form in early!!

2018 RCG Registration Form

2018 Raised Garden Bed Rental Fees: Unchanged from the 2017 Raised Garden Bed Rental Fees (see below).

2017 Raised Garden Bed Rental Fees:
Each bed has a designated fee based on it’s size.  The raised bed rental fee is based on a calculation of $1.25 fee per sqft of garden.