Ideas List

Do you have ideas you’d like to add?  Please add your ideas in the “Comments” section at the bottom of this page (sorry, your comments will be moderated before they are posted).

Brainstorming IDEAS:

– Rain barrels (to be used for storing water)
– recycled rain barrels for planters (I don’t know about you, but my rainbarrels only last a few years and then voila! two pots!)
– setup a scarecrow (Sven’s awesome idea)!!
– build an insect hotel
– go organic
– grow flowering plants to attract pollinators and hummingbirds, eg. honeysuckle
– put our compost pile on a concrete pad to prevent contamination from the soil
– source out alternative planting bed ideas (bathtubs, apple crates, homemade, etc)
– ask for community donations of materials such as bricks, garden hose, wood materials, glass doors, garden sheds, planters, raised beds, bathtubs, aluminum tubs, bird houses, machine time (back hoe, cats, etc), fencing material, cinder blocks, concrete mix, etc.
– have a vegi soup contest in the fall!
– plant beebalm to attract hummingbirds
– ask for perennials as donations from our community
– build a scarecrow
– plant heavily scented flower for the seeing impaired
– develop a “shade” plan for our garden


3 thoughts on “Ideas List

  1. I have priced out a raised garden bed, very generous pricing, no volume discount applied at this point, and also, there wasn’t any staff available to help at Rona:

    Untreated Spruce, 2 x 12 x 8, 1 2 roughly $14.
    if we were to take 2 of those on each side and one cut in half for sides, we would need 6 for each bed, plus floorboard, plus hardware (nails), plus legs and maybe round or square cement plates to prevent legs from sinking into ground over time…we would look at roughly $150-$200 ish per bed.
    We will have to look at this again in details.

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