The Renfrew Community Association accepts financial contributions in support the Renfrew Community Garden.  Your support is VERY much needed and appreciated.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions and financial support of the Renfrew Community Garden:

Our appreciation goes to Trevor Moch, Homeworks Aerating & Fertilizing, for voluntarily mowing, aerating and fertilizing the lawns in and around our garden for the past few years and into the future!  Thank you!

Grateful thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Calgary, Northmount for the amazing donation of the two Park Benches, Bike Rack and Picnic Table!  Keep your eyes open for the Kiwanis plaque while you’re enjoying the garden!

Thank you to the City of Calgary for assisting us with the Ward 9 Event Grant in May, 2017!

Stanley Jones School (October 2017).  Many thanks to the Stanley Jones School Parent Advisory Committee and the school administration for the $1000 donation!

Thank you Lindsey Boida and Suncor for the two donations to the Renfrew Community Garden!  Grateful thanks!

Gratitude to the Calgary Foundation for choosing the Renfrew Community Garden for the 2017 Grassroots Neighbor Grant (May 31, 2017)!!  Your amazing support will contribute so much to our project!!

The Renfrew Community Garden would like to extend our gratitude for the amazing support of the Renfrew Community Association!!  The RCA generously contributed the beautiful cedar used for the construction of the raised garden beds!!  Without the raised garden beds, we wouldn’t have a community garden at all!!  Thank you Renfrew Community Association!!

Grateful appreciation to Jarrod and Tetra Society for your innovation and contribution of the RCG “accessible” raised garden bed.  This bed, about 36″ in height (twice the height of our other beds), with a flared rim will make gardening easier some of our lucky members.

Thank you to Will’s Bobcat (587-888-2876) for the generous donation of Bobcat and dump trailer time for our project.  Your amazing contribution saved us by quickly picking up and removing almost 50,000 pounds of clean fill away from our site.  Thank you so much!

Grateful thanks to KVS Trucking Ltd. for contributing your knowledge, skills and countless hours to the building and placement of the Renfrew Community Garden beds.

Thank you Homeworks Lawn Maintenance Services for the donation of your time and the use of your vehicles to move fill, materials and rentals to and from the garden is so appreciated!

City of Calgary – you ROCK!  Thank you City of Calgary Water Services for installing a water main and irrigation lines into the Renfrew Community Garden!  Without water, it would be REALLY hard to grow our gardens.

Grateful thanks to Isabelle Couture for organizing our volunteers through this intense time of building our garden from the ground up this spring!  And James Attfield, thank you so much for coordinating the construction materials, the bed design and the building of the raised garden cedar beds – 27 in all!!  An incredible feat!!  And they look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!

Thank you Kiwanis Club and New Concept Landscaping & Contracting Ltd. for the donation and delivery of the sandstone boulders that were used in the most important retaining wall on the northeast side of the garden.  This last minute addition to the garden restores the functionality of the swale to capture rainwater runoff for the edible tree garden.

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations that came out to volunteer for our Garden Build Parties!!  This includes Calgary Airport Authority, Winston Heights/Mountview Community Association (Tyler) and the Kiwanis Club as well as countless individuals who came to volunteer their precious spring hours with us!

Thank you Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centre, Calgary Location for giving us contractor prices on Garden Mix and Mulch!  Check out Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centre at

Thank you BURNCO North Calgary Balzac Landscape Centre for giving us contractor prices on river rock, cobbles, crushed gravel and more!  Clara, your customer support has been amazing, providing us quote after quote and delivering our materials within 24 hours of our orders.  Thank you for all of that!!  Check out the North Calgary Balzac Landscape Centre at

Thank you ROGERS RENT-ALL for renting SOD CUTTERS, SURVEYING EQUIPMENT, AUGERS, GENERATORS and more to us at a 50% discount!  You ROCK!!  Check out ROGERS RENT-ALL at

Thank you to the City of Calgary Ward 9 office of Gian-Carlo Carra and his staff for selecting the Renfrew Community Garden for a $1500 Event Grant to support our Grand Opening Celebration on June 14, 2017!

Thank you to First Calgary Financial Act Local Grant for the wonderful gift of $2000 towards the Renfrew Community Garden!!  It couldn’t come at a better time (April 3, 2017)!

Thank you to Samantha Grabinsky for putting on the BEST PARTY of the year!!  Thank you to the following restaurants and businesses for donating gifts, food and beverages to our fantastic 2017 Spring UP!!  for the Renfrew Community Garden Party!!  Without our sponsors, our events just wouldn’t be the same!  Hey gardeners, let’s get out there and support these amazing community-minded businesses!!

  • Last Best Brewery and Distillery
  • Boogie’s Burgers
  • Blush Lane Organic Market
  • North Hill Co-op
  • Eight Ball Deluxe
  • DJ Roy LT
  • New Dimension Tattoos
  • Cannibale
  • RedBloom Salon Bridgeland
  • Plantation Garden Centre
  • Erik Olson
  • The British Pantry
  • Whitehall
  • Big Fish
  • Urban Art House
  • Visions Electronics
  • The Williams Family
  • Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra and Team Ward 9
  • The Renfrew Community Association
  • Advance Hair & Spa – Sunridge
  • Lexus
  • Yoga in Bowness!!

SCOTTS MiracleGRO Showcase Garden Grant for $15,000 (December, 2016).  WOW!! Thank you to SCOTTS MiracleGRO and Communities in Bloom for selecting the Renfrew Community Garden as your 2017 Showcase Garden.  We are honored and flattered that we have been selected!!  Through our partnership with SCOTTS MiracleGRO and Communities in Bloom we have an additional $5000 to spend on the garden build planned for this spring, $5000 in-kind to use on SCOTTS MiracleGRO products and an additional $5000 in the fall for spring 2018!!  Best of all, we are going to have an AMAZING SPRING OPENING CELEBRATION with our new Renfrew Community Garden gardeners, the kids from Stanley Jones School/Alice Jamieson Academy and the Renfrew Community on June 14, 2017!  How exciting is that!!  Did you know that the Renfrew Community Garden is the ONLY project that has been selected for BOTH the SCOTTS GRO1000 Grassroots Grant AND the SCOTTS Showcase Garden Grant!!  We are truly thrilled!!

Thank you Alberta Recreation & Parks Association Communities Choosewell Program for selecting the Renfrew Community Garden for the $2000 Communities Choosewell Seed Grant (December 2, 2016).

Stanley Jones School (August 2016).  Many thanks to the Stanley Jones School Parent Advisory Committee and the school administration for the $1000 donation!

SCOTTS GRO1000 Grassroots Grants for $1500 (April 2016).  Thank you SCOTTS GRO1000 Grassroots Grants for your amazing contribution to our garden effort.  We are please to accept the $1000 donation plus $500 of purchases of SCOTTS Miracle GRO products.  Check out this website:  With the $500 we purchased the following products from SCOTTS Miracle GRO for use in our future garden:

  • Miracle Gro Organic Choice Bone Meal 6-9-0
  • Miracle Gro Organic Plant Food 7-1-2
  • Miracle Gro Soaker System hoses
  • Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • Miracle Gro Flower Magic Flower Seed Mix
  • Scotts Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

reGenerate Design Ltd (Spring 2016).  reGenerate and their amazing designers have gone beyond expectations in the design of the RCG Conceptual Garden Map.  We especially appreciate their ongoing support of our project, even after the official contract work was completed!

Parks Foundation Calgary Conceptual Drawing Grant for $5000 (January 27, 2016).  The Renfrew Community Garden and Renfrew Community Association are grateful for the support of the PartnerParks Grant program and its funders and administrators, the Parks Foundation, Calgary for this amazing opportunity.  Because of these funds we will be working with professional architects to create an amazing design for the Renfrew Community Garden.  To see the plans, click on the DESIGN tab of this website.

Samantha Grabinsky – with the inspiration for the RENFREW ROCKS pins!  This fundraising endeavor has earned the garden over $500!!

Heike Pauli for donating a Veggie Plant Box & Hanging Basket and Kathy Graham for donating a Rain Barrel with accessories for the Renfrew Stampede Day Pancake Breakfast raffle to raise funds for RGC!! (July, 5, 2014)

Liane for donating her CALHORT Garden Show tickets for $10!! (April, 2014)