About Us

Welcome to the Renfrew Community Garden, established in 2017.

Renfrew is an inner-city community located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Our community has 100 years of history, homes ranging from bungalows to condominiums to apartment complexes, we have a diverse population from young to the young-at-heart, and we have cultural communities from all over the world.  Despite our many differences, we have a lot in common – we want to eat fresh, natural and healthy food! we want to do something good for our community and for our earth, we want to meet and connect, and we want to grow beautiful things.

The Renfrew Community Garden initiative is in it’s very early life.  Just like any garden, the Renfrew Community Garden needs vision, planning, nurturing, attention, love and patience.  There is a lot to do… so we are counting on a lot of community support.  Firstly, we need gardeners and visionaries.  We need carpenters and truck drivers.  We need treasurers and secretaries.  The list goes on and on, so in other words, we need YOU!  Let’s get our hands dirty!!