Meeting Minutes – February 13, 2017

Meeting commenced:  6:08pm
In attendance: Lisa, Heike, Ken and Isabelle

Several grant applications are in process, including the Edible Tree Grant, First Calgary Financial grant, and the Alberta Canada 150 grant application. Our newest member, Graeme Heath, Will assist filling the application for the Coop communities spaces grant.

The Kiwanis Club is interested in making a contribution to the RCG. The type of contribution has yet to be determined but could include, for example, a rock landscape feature, bike racks or sitting area. RCG committee members have been invited to give a presentation at Kiwanis on March 1 to present the project.

Grand opening promotion
Heike is developing posters to promote the garden and grand opening. The grand opening will also be promoted on social media, the RCG blog and perhaps the Renfrew Reflections.

Update on gardeners applications/administration
Lisa proposed a motion to edit the bylaws so a $15 deposit is required to get on the waiting list. Motion seconded by Isabelle and unanimously approved. Prorated rates will be posted on the website in the following weeks/months.

Garden building start
Tyler coordinated the bed building for the Winston Heights Community Garden and is willing to share his experiences with us. Tyler will be attending our next meeting on Feb 27th.

The bylaws have been amended as follows.  The phrase “Beds will be rented on a square footage rate, currently $1/sqft. For example, a 5’x12’ bed is 60 sqft and will be rented for $60 for the season.” will be replace with “Beds will be rented on a square footage rate which will be posted at the beginning of each gardening season.”  This motion was moved by Lisa Mulder, seconded and then passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 6:59