Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2016

When: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Renfrew Community Centre Pub
In attendance: Lisa, Heike, Samantha, Ken, Christine and Isabelle

Weeding Days at Stanley Jones School Garden – We’re very pleased to announce the completion of the Renfrew Community Garden/Stanley Jones School Summer Weeding Project!!

There are two amazing outcomes to this project:

· The Stanley Jones School historical gardens have been successfully weeded and maintained through the summer of 2016.
· The Renfrew Community Garden Planning Committee and the Renfrew Community Association have received a $1000 donation toward the Renfrew Community Garden Project.  Thank you to SJS and the PAC for this amazing contribution!

Here are some interesting statistics:
· A total of 74 hours of weeding time contributed over 7 meetings from June through to the end of August.
· 14 community volunteers contributed to the weeding effort.
· Approximately 11 hours were spent on the “Medicinal Garden”.
· Approximately 40 hours were spent on the “Surrounding Communities Garden”.
· Approximately 22 hours were spent on the “Sensory Garden”.
· Approximately 1 hour was spent on the “Gymnasium Forest”.

Kudos to everyone who participated in the weeding parties. The RCG Committee received extremely positive feedback from Stanley Jones School representatives!!  Great Job RCG!!

New materials for the garden! – Thanks to the SCOTTS GRO1000 grant, the RCG Committee was able to purchase materials for the community garden, including a soaker system, a spray nozzle, flower seeds, potting soil, organic fertilizer and organic bone meal.
We also recently received a water storage tank and some building material that were graciously donated by the Inglewood Community Garden and the East Village CG Project. Thank you!

Fundraiser – Samantha proposed to host a Burger&Beers fundraiser this winter, probably in February or March. The event would allow us to raise additional funds for and awareness of the garden. The event could include a raffle or silent auction to raise additional funds. Over the next few months, we will be exploring potential venues and ways to promote the event.  This project would require  a great deal of commitment from all of our members!!

Grant applications – Grant applications season is right around the corner so the Committee will soon be identifying which grants it is planning to apply to, such as the real estate grant and Calgary Foundation grant.

Action items:
– Complete the optional amenities agreement with the city
– Inquire with the Saddledome about potential volunteering/fundraising activities
– Make a sandwich sign to use at future events/weeding parties to bring attention to our work
– Fill application with the city to get orchard trees