Meeting Minutes – April 8, 2016

When: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Renfrew Community Centre Pub
In attendance: Lisa, Heike, Isabelle and Christine
Regrets: Sam, Aysia

Update on grants:
So far the Renfrew Community Garden Committee has been awarded $6500, including the $5k coneptual design grant from Calgary parks and the $1500 Scotts GR01000 Grassroots Garden Grant.
Scotts will be sending us a sign to be displayed on the site of the future community garden.
Grant deadlines with the Calgary Foundation are coming up but we will have to wait until we are ready to break ground to apply.The RGC will also consider applying to the Fortis grant.

City contact update:
Vivian Cantin has taken over from Ron Buchan as our City of Calgary Parks Liaison and will be invited to the RCG meeting when reGenerate will present their design.

reGenerate update:
The RCG has met with reGenerate onsite as they had some questions on the budget. They will be designing the project into phases so the garden can grow as we increase our budget over time.
Phase 1 of the project will include only the bare necessities but will leave space for the future phases. It will consider all the features RGC has requested and plan for them over time.
Partial accessibility might be a feature that will be added on down the road.
reGenerate will be submiting 3 draft designs by April 22 and a final design will be selected by May 9

Welcoming newcomers
The RCG wants to increase its engagement with community members and ensure that neighbours feel welcome when they attend our general meetings. RGC will be planning social activities to meet more community members. This may include gorilla gardening meetings (sssh!!).

RGC members brainstorms on potential fundraising activities. These include:
-garden gala
-death by chocolate
-casino night
-chili cook off
-selling Renfrew Rocks! buttons
-Stampede breakfast
-gardening workshops

Meeting adjourned at 8:50