Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2016

When:  7:40 PM to 8:50 PM
Where:  Renfrew Community Centre Pub
In attendance:  Aysia, Lisa, Sam, Isabelle
Regrets:  Heike, Christine

Update on grants:
RFP for conceptual architect grant got sent out on January 7th to 5 architects.
Lisa emailed Sara at Parks Foundation to see when they are having their next meeting to bring these grants to the table. Also wanted to see if they have any last minute advice for us and to give them a heads up.
This application has forced us to come to some conclusions on a vision for our garden with regards to a site plan; keep it simple and beautiful.
The phased garden plan is still an option.
Received a prompt email back from one of the architects who will try to get a proposal back to us early next week.
Trying to figure out the best way to organize the memberships… online app?  Aysia suggested checking out this review:
Samantha brought up the question of security and information sharing with external websites.

Action Items for next meeting:
Lisa is going to ask other clubs how they collect dues and keep information at the next kitchen table talks meeting. Lisa is also going to follow up on the conceptual garden plan.
Isabelle is going to follow up on ways we can share food from our garden.
Aysia is going to finish researching open source membership software and come up with a final decision by the next meeting.
Everyone has to fill out their own membership information.
Sam is going to support Christine with grants and funding.
Begin a google doc for basic information for grants.
Lisa and Heike need to bring completed budgets to the next meeting.
We all agreed on a subcommittee that will schedule additional meetings during “grant season” to work with Christine because we want to “NAIL” these grants!!