Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2015

Attending:  Heike, Lisa, Isabelle, Christine, Brianne, Aysia
Date:  Friday, November 6, 2015, 7:31 PM to 9:07 PM
Location:  Renfrew Community Centre Pub

Google Account

  • Lisa has made the Google Account public (set up by Aysia)
  • Key documents have been loaded
  • Lisa suggested we apply read-only to account, ie. budget people have access to the budget, Aysia will find out how.
  • Sign in individually vs. everyone using the admin account.

Food Agencies

  • Lisa suggested seeking out agencies to provide food for (ie. a charity who needs food)
  • Christine suggested food hampers through schools in the community (ie. during Thanksgiving)
  • Lisa found list of organizations of Emergency Food Resources
  • Christine suggested more local, BGCC, Addiction Center, etc

Stanley Jones School (SJS) Gardening

  • Lisa/Heike found out about SJS Heritage Gardens having difficulty maintaining – last year had to pay contractors to maintain the gardens. Volunteer to upkeep possibility.  Only mulch laid for this winter.  Spring cleanup will be required.  School offered to pay us.
  • Need to meet to determine commitment involved, remuneration, etc.
  • Lisa made motion to pursue SJS business relationship, Christine seconded the motion, unanimously decided in favor of pursuing business with SJS
  • We need to know the number of hours they’ll need us, etc before we can commit to the work.

Grant Applications

  • Christine went through the list of grants
  • The RCA is a registered “not-for-profit” organization, and we are under their umbrella.
  • Christine mentioned that we should volunteer for a casino as a part of the RCA
  • Lisa suggested we request a position on the RCA executive committee (and get a tab on the new community website :))
  • Alberta Real Estate Board
    • !! We need a Realtor involved (or involved in the profession – Sam’s BF??)
    • January 26 – May 12
  • Walmart Evergreen  – not available in 2016
  • Christine mentioned Julie as a contact for the Calgary Parks Foundation
  • Need to solidify budget, beginning with architectural costs
  • Seek out corporate sponsorship
  • Christine described cheque writing drive where able to give tax deduction
  • Fortis
    • April 2016
  • in regards to having a bank account, we cannot.  In every way, we function under the budgetary purview of the RCA
  • Field Law
    • know by July 2016
    • no previous awarded funding from them
    • seed funding therefore apply this year
  • Aysia suggested clarifying all our objectives in order to use for all applications
  • Lisa brought forward chart in order to organize grant applications and their specific needs
  • Alberta EcoTrust
  • Scotts Canada
    • need to follow up with phone call to “Vivienne”
  • Fiskars
    • February 2016, for registered charity
  • TD
    • February 2016
    • charity
    • contact regional manager
  • Coop
    • Community Spaces Program
    • April to May 2016
    • Not-for-profit
    • Contact local co-op on 16th?
  • Lisa has a copy of AHS Community Gardens Handbook, pg 57 = funding sources
  • Christine suggested a relationship with the BGCC partnership to work for youth grants, after-school program
  • Heike – Home Depot?
  • Heike suggested delegating responsibilities
  • Conceptual Drawing Grant
    • put in RFP
    • will help in applying for other grants
    • Lisa has list of Architectural Companies
    • fp Architectural in Renfrew connection with Jacquie
    • Christine volunteered to call architects before sending applications (will call next week)
    • need to ask Cari which architects she knows
    • Heike will ask Cari
    • Isabelle suggested architectural schools
  • Isabelle will contact people in food waste area
  • We need to know the regulations on who can accept food
  • Christine suggested maybe not pursuing Eco Trust – a phonecall to see if it is worth it
  • Lisa passed out formal Community Garden Agreements
  • Letter of Municipal Opinion is needed from the City of Calgary for each and every grant application we send
  • RCA has to approve every grant application we send as well
  • We need to persuade RCA that we can expand at a later date (requiring a change to the LOC each time)
  • Lisa will continue to attend RCA meetings, present potential grants that we are applying for to RCA directors
  • We need something to say we are acting under the heading of RCA
  • We need proof of not-for-profit documentation
  • Also fundraising approval