Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2015

Meeting Location:  Renfrew Community Centre Pub
Date/Time:  Friday, October 2, 2015, 7:33 PM to 9:05 PM
Attending:  Heike, Lisa, Aysia, Cari, Christine, Brianna

We began the meeting by reviewing all the news from over the summer:

  • we are still waiting on the final approval of our Community Garden Application from the City of Calgary
  • the waterline is not yet installed on the approved site
  • new trees have been planted along the west side (just outside of the site boundary) and the northeast edge (just inside the site boundary)


We ran into a problem with the map that we submitted to the city with the original community garden application: the space allocated to the garden was too “spread out”.  We became aware of this when we were discussing the “footprint” of the garden with the Renfrew Community Association with regards to the LOC (this is the Letter of Commitment from the RCA defining the future “footprint” or area occupied by the Renfrew Community Garden for insurance and leasing purposes).  The RCA requested that we “minimize” the footprint of the RCG for the purposes of the LOC.  We had to re-work the map.  Lisa proposed a garden plan that simulated the layout of the streets and blocks of Renfrew.  An invitation was submitted for other plans, but the members moved that the proposed garden plan map be adopted immediately.  Christine made the motion, Aysia seconded the motion and the vote was unanimously in favour of adopting this map layout.  Because the map is complicated Lisa is going to pursue the “Conceptual Drawing Grant” offered by the Parks Foundation Calgary.  It offers $5000 towards a professional architect’s rendition of the map.  Lisa will photocopy the map and information for Cari to deliver to two Architects that live in our community!


Christine will research available grants and begin the grant process.  We can all help by sending her ideas and leads.  Aysia will make a big “THERMOMETER” poster to log our fundraising efforts; the target amount is $100,000!  Heike and Christine will look around for financial institutions that can support the RCG with no banking fees.  FIRST CALGARY FINANCIAL was identified as a candidate.  Lisa and Heike will send Christine the grant information that we’ve collected in the past year.


Christine is going to find out about Kitchen Talks and let us know when that’s coming up.  She’ll send out an invitation.


Aysia suggested that we organize a communal online drive such as GOOGLE DRIVE.  We can save our documentation there.  We need to follow up with Craig to get the membership list.  Aysia will follow up with getting our drive setup with access permissions and folders, etc.