RCG Update

What up?

Firstly, the Garden Pop-Up on 10th Street last Friday was flustered by some bad weather, VERY bad weather.  Even I started to feel alarmed when I heard the lightening and thunder crashing overhead earlier in the day.  Never-the-less, a few of us stout-hearted gardeners made it out and many tonnes of grass and weeds were carted off (OK, “tonnes” might be an exaggeration!).  Anyhow, there is still a lot of work to do there so let’s plan another POP-UP or two over the summer and fall.  And if you ever overwhelmed by an urge to weed, the 10th street garden is there for you, anytime.  If you live closer to the Renfrew Community School, I’m quite sure that if you flash your sought-after “Renfrew Community Gardener” credentials, the school would be delighted if you’re caught weeding the Historical Gardens.

You’ll notice that the Friday, June 26, 2015 RCG meeting notification has disappeared.  Please note that this meeting is cancelled.  We’ll post the next meeting date based on when we receive approval of our City of Calgary community garden application!!  So EXCITING!!!

However, we will see you at the Renfrew Stampede Breakfast!!  Renfrew Stampede Breakfast promises an awesome breakfast plus an unqualified fun time socializing with friends and fellow gardeners.  The Renfrew Community Garden will have an information table set up to spread the word of our great progress this year.  Volunteers are welcome!  Email Heike at heikep@telus.net to volunteer.


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