May 29 Meeting Minutes…..better late than never, right?!

Hello, here are the meeting minutes from our meeting on Friday, May 29, 2015. Sorry that they are being posted soooo late.


RCA Community Garden

Meeting Minutes, Friday, May 29, 2015 7:30pm

In Attendance:

Heike, Lisa, Samantha, Cari, Mary Jane, Chad, Aysia, Christine

Lisa and Heike attended “Meet the Funder” Community Partnerships workshop put on by the City of Calgary on May 27 at the Albert Park/Radisson Heights Community Centre. We had the chance to talk to a few organizations, who are giving out grants. We spoke to Julie Black from The Calgary Foundation about the Grassroots Grants (Stepping Stones and Neighbourhood Grants), to Sara Stepa, Grant Program Coordinator at Parks Foundation about the Conceptual Drawing Grant and Teresa Byrne from Culture, City of Calgary re. the Festival and Events Subsidy Program. We thought we may qualify for the latter, when eventually putting on a community event or vegetable soup cook off in our future garden, but Teresa said that this grant wouldn’t apply to us. Sara Stepa suggested for us to contact a few architectural landscaping/garden design firms, as the Parks Foundation would pay up to $5,000 of an architectural drawing grant. A professional plan would enhance our application and would provide preliminary cost estimates for the project. Sara to email us contact info for a few companies.

Bylaws – Christine emailed changed version to Lisa and Heike. To be printed and included in application package.

Budget – Sam sent back as well. A date should be put on it for record keeping.

Christine attended Kitchen Table Talk on May 27. She came back with some great ideas, one of them for fundraising. Village Brewery gives $1,600 in the first year, if a community garden grows hops for them. Something to consider for us for the future. First Calgary & Coop give out grants as well. Another issue that came up during KT talk is Theft Deterrence in community gardens. Suggestions were fake cameras, motion lights or set up a communal/free plot for folks to take veggies rather than steal from other gardeners’ plots.

Heike and Lisa represented the community garden at the last RCA general meeting on May 26. A motion was moved and seconded that the “Renfrew Community move that the RCA sign a new LOC (License of Occupation) to include the community garden at (address).” The motion was passed pending the following requirements:

  • the exact address of the site
  • the identification of the garden “footprint” (a mapped area)
  • an operational agreement with the City of Calgary Parks regarding mowing, pruning & watering.

Community Survey – Received overwhelming support on day of completion. We have 2 pages of signatures. Left leaflet on how to get a hold of us and how to leave feedback in people’s mailboxes, if they weren’t present. Survey to be included in application package.

Letter of Community Garden Support – we have received from St. Alphonsus School, the RCA Board and Ward 9 City Councillor Gian Carlo Carra.

Heike to update and freshen up Facebook website.

June 12 7pm – 8:30pm. GARDEN POP-UP Cleanup/weeding party at the garden on the hill on 10 Street near 8th Avenue intersection (formerly Zoltan’s Garden). Come and bring gloves, rakes, garbage bags, let’s make this small hill look beautiful again. This is in lieu of our regular committee meeting.

Renfrew Stampede Breakfast July 4, 9am – 12pm. Setting up community garden table. Volunteers to man for 1-hour shifts. So far, we have

8:30am – 9:30am Heike, Christine

9:30am – 10:30am Lisa, Hazel, Sam

10:30am – 11:30am Cari, Heike, Sven

We will have Sam’s awesome “Renfrew Rocks” buttons for sale (fundraiser) and will do a draw. To come up with 3 prizes, maybe flower basket again, veggie basket and something else.

Potential labour for building flower/veggie beds – Drop In centre has a labour program, Calgary Attendance Centre has free labour program, REAP is another program. Might be worth checking into, if we are short on volunteers, once time comes to build beds.

Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm.


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