April 17 Meeting Minutes

Hello there, a little late, but here are the minutes from our last meeting, which was our last “all nighter” meeting. We reviewed our bylaws and budget (to be posted soon). Hope to see you at our next meeting (May 1, 7:30pm, RCA pub).

RCA Community Garden Committee

Meeting Minutes, Friday, April 7:30pm

Attendees:         Lisa Mulder Co-Chair                      Kathryn Chin – City of Calgary

Heike Pauli – Co-chair                    Samantha Grabinsky

Christine Riddell                               Sarah Ward

  1. Presentation – Kathryn Chin – Neighbourwoods Program

Renfrew has been chosen to take part in program.

Usually 10 communities per year, due to snowstorm increase to 30 communities in 2015.

1 tree costs Cad$30, which includes Education Session, Waterbag, Bag of Mulch and Urban Forestry to come and dig a hole. Type of trees are typically ash, aspen, hawthorn crabapple, oak and elms, but City hasn’t decided on the kind yet. They are around 6ft tall, 10 gallon waterbag and the purchaser is required to commit to watering tree for at least 5 years. Urban Forestry will do pruning.

Lynne Engelman, our RCA President, is the volunteer lead on this program and application deadline is May 7.

Kathryn will ask City about whether they can provide orchard trees for the orchard as part of our community garden. She isn’t sure, if she will get an answer or not.

Regal Park Condominiums came up, property lost a number of trees during the snowstorm last fall. Kathryn to check and Christine, whose husband is on the RP board, will check into it.

  1. Review Bylaws

Bylaws were formulated at last meeting, March 20. They were reviewed tonight and revisions were made in regards to accessibility of garden and the beds to members with disabilities, the fee structure to include more details on number of beds a household can rent and a potential fee sliding scale. In addition, members needing to take on garden roles are asking to choose the top 3. Bylaws and map have been approved for inclusion in minutes and posting on blog.

  1. Draft Budget

A budget was put together based on 1 bed made out of untreated wood or cedar costing app. $300, size 8’ x 12”. Phase 1 to include 16 beds, Phase 2 to add an additional 15 beds, various sizes. Beds, tools, garbage containers, storage sheds, garden sign, bike rack, tools etc. to cost app. $10,000.  A more detailed and better laid out draft budget to be posted on our blog soon.  Priority for this year is to get bed build and set up. Heavy fundraising needs to be involved.

  1. Fundraising options

Looking to set up a table at RCA Stampede Breakfast on Juy 4, same as last year, and make neighbourhood more aware of our community garden. Considering doing fundraising again, still need to discuss a plan for that. Also planning on asking RCA board on whether part of casino money in the fall could be allocated to garden, we could look into providing volunteers. In addition, maybe monthly bottle drive could go to garden committee, if we man the drive.

  1. Next Meeting Friday, May 1, 7:30pm

Should not be a long meeting. Reviewing application to date. Assign roles to members for application (e.g. Secretary, Photographer, Community Liaison etc. ).

  1. Presence at RCA general meetings and AGM

Heike and/or Lisa to be present at the community garden committee at the monthly meetings and AGM, give members an update and strengthen ties with board.

Meeting adjourned 9:52pm.


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