RCG Meeting Minutes

When:  Friday, March 21, 2015, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Where:  Renfrew Community Association Pub
Attending:  Christine, Lisa, Julie, Mary Jane, Rob, Aysia, Gina and Thomas

Wow, I have to apologize for everyone for falling behind on the meeting minutes. There was SO much going on in March that I nearly lost my footing!  But seriously, the highlight is definitely the progress of the RENFREW COMMUNITY GARDEN!!  We are so close to completing our application to the City of Calgary.  So far we have a Garden Map Layout and the “Mission Statement, Bylaws, Registration Form & Agreement” document done.  Next week, Friday April 21, 2015, we’ll have our final ALL-NIGHTER to decide a BUDGET.  Following the completion of the budget there are a few other items to follow up on and then we’ll submit the application.  City Parks has told me that this part of the approval is fairly fast so… fingers crossed!!

I am just so pleased with the community participation through the process of building this application… Thanks to everyone who have come out to participate!!



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