Site Approval Received!!

Good News!  The site located on Edward Street is approved by the City of Calgary Parks department!!  This means that we can begin the application process!!  Keep your eyes open for a RCG committee meeting announcement – coming up soon!!

There are a number of inquiries we have to make before finalizing an application for submission such as:

  • There is an irrigation service adjacent to our site, where we’d like to access water for our garden.  How will we manage water access?  Will a meter be installed?
  • How do we conduct a “Survey for Neighborhood Support”?
  • Does the City of Calgary have example budgets and applications that we can use as examples?
  • How are we going to manage insurance?

We are working with the City and the Renfrew Community Association on these questions… and hoping to get the ball rolling quickly… April is just around the corner when you think about it!!

If you are interested in more information about the Community Garden Application Process please check out this link:


Renfrew Site Boundary


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