June 5th Meeting CANCELLED!!

We are cancelling the Renfrew Community Garden meeting that was planned for this evening, June 5th, at 7:00 PM at the Edward Street site.  My apologies for cancelling this meeting at short notice.  It was our hope that we’d have approval to proceed on the Edward Street location by today, but we haven’t heard back from Parks yet!

There are two items on our current agenda:

  1. When we do get approval from Parks to proceed on the application package we will have an AMAZING meeting on the Edward Street site.  We can start really asking – for real!! – :  How do we want to layout our garden?  Where do we want the central feature?  Where will our sign go?  Where will we put the raspberries?  Do we want rhubarb? How will we proceed with the line-of-sight survey, etc. We can really get the wheels turning.
  2. We want to setup an information table at the Renfrew Stampede Day event on July 5, 2014.  Save the date !!  If you’d like to volunteer for this event, please contact heikep@telus.net and let her know.

So please continue to check out this site for meeting dates.  We will schedule the next meeting after we hear from Parks regarding the package and I will keep the blog up to date with any new information.


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