What’s Going On With The Renfrew Community Garden Lately?

Hi Everyone – I feel like I’ve been out of touch with the Garden-Goings-On in the last two weeks.  I guess I’ve been a little preoccupied with personal matters, I had a little surgery last Friday.  Not to worry though… I’m healthy as a horse!!  …and back on the saddle (pardon the Stampede reference; can you tell I’m gettin’ all revved up about the upcoming season!!).

Anyhoo, the good news is that there is news!  As most of you know, our recent poll (April 25, 2014) indicated that the majority of the planning committee and community members who voted preferred to focus our efforts on the new site at Edward Street.  Before we all throw our backs into the application documents, Heike and I wanted to make sure that we have our Calgary Parks Community Liaison, Ron, on side.  I’m very pleased to say that Ron did appreciate the advantages of the site – he liked it, he liked it!!  However he wants to check a few things before he can write us official approval to proceed with the application package:

  1. Ron wants to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to ensure that there is no history of contamination.  For example, has it ever been used as a landfill site? (I hope not!!)
  2. Ron wants to ensure that the irrigation service is in good shape and that it is available for our use.

YES!!  You heard me correctly!  To our utter amazement, immediately adjacent to our potential community garden, we found an irrigation service in the lawn.  Ron didn’t think we could tie into the fire hydrant as we hoped, but if this irrigation service is in good working order, it’ll work even better!!  Check this out…

Irrigation Service

Irrigation Service – the cap reads “Irrigation Drain Valve”.

Irrigation Service

Irrigation Service – looking north towards the baseball diamond.

Irrigation Service

Irrigation Service – looking south towards the kids playground.


Irrigation Service

Edward Street Site – the yellow arrow points to the location of the water service.  The green polygon is our potential community garden location moved slightly south to accommodate the irrigation service.

So Heike and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our site tour today.  Ron mentioned that he could get the two requirements (listed above) completed from his point of view within two weeks.  With that in mind, we’ve scheduled our next meeting for June 6, 2014.  If things go well with Ron, we could hopefully have approval to proceed by then and we can start to really focus, at last, on completing the application package.  If the weather is nice, let’s meet at the Edward Street location.  If it’s raining, we can meet at the pub.  We’ll announce closer to the date.

Speaking of the application package, I would like to put forth Samantha’s idea:  Samantha suggests we dust off the coffee pot and put in an all-nighter to complete the package.  Let’s discuss this at our next meeting.   In a previous meeting, I had proposed three months of revisions and deadlines.  I like Samantha’s idea better.  Samantha is a true inspiration!

A few other items to think about:

  1. We would like to start having an information table at RCA community events such as Renfrew Bike Festival, Neighbor Day Community Picnic and Renfrew Stampede Breakfast.  Is there anyone who would like to be the table organizer for that?
  2. We are looking into the possibility of having RCG raffles at community events, like a 50/50 draw.
  3. The Renfrew Community Cleanup is just around the corner.  Are we ready to start collecting things for our garden?

So that’s about it.


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