OFFICIAL SURVEY: Future Location of the Renfrew Community Garden!

The Renfrew Community Garden Planning Committee did a site tour today.

We walked the Boys and Girls Club Hangar location (click the photo for a better look). We love the Boys & Girls Club Hangar site for it’s central location and large space. The challenges are the potentially contaminated soil and access to water.
Boys & Girls Club Site
We then toured the Edward Street Park Location (click the photo for a better look). We love the Edward Street Park site because of the large and sunny space, access to water and uncontaminated soil. Because this site is new to us, we really haven’t discovered all of the challenges yet –  except for the deer and hare.

Edward Street Park Site
In this close-up of the Edward Street Park Site, the red polygon indicates the approximate available area and the light blue polygon indicates the approximate location of the potential community garden site. There are two fire hydrants immediately adjacent to this site which are labeled 1 & 2 which may be used as water sources.
Edward Street Park Site
With two good sites to choose from, we decided to post a survey to determine what site the majority of our committee supports for the future Renfrew Community Garden. If you haven’t had a chance to see the sites, please feel free to go out and walk them before voting. We will close the poll after 10 days (Tuesday, May 6, 2014). At that time, we’ll post the results and use them to determine our direction.


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