Important Update!

Heike and I would like to hold our meeting at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Friday, April 25, 2014 OUTSIDE!!  We will meet up at the pub and then head out to view the sites on a mini tour.  It is our hope that EVERYONE will attend this outdoor excursion.  Walking the sites will really get the juices/ideas flowing so that we can get into planning mode more easily.  On this trip we would like to view two Renfrew sites:  the one at the Boys & Girls’ Club Hangar (at which time we can also review the ESAs), and the new site (which I will call the Edward Street Park site).  In addition, if time permits, we will zoom down to one or two of the adjacent and established community gardens to see how they’ve been doing it (Heike, which two gardens did you suggest?).

Yes, it’s true – we have new site to consider.  I know, I know, it’s getting late in the process to be considering new sites, but you’ve got to see this!  Heike and I went on a walk last night of an area of that has been overlooked until now.  This site is located on Edward Street NE, just behind the green space/ball diamond on Child Avenue.  This site is perfect in many ways:

  • it has no site/soil contamination issues so the raised garden beds can be installed directly on the ground if we wish (it’s OK if the roots access the ground soil)
  • we could plant bushes/trees into the ground (YES! to raspberries!!  YES! to rhubarb!!)
  • it is a large, flat area, large enough for a community garden and orchard
  • the space has no competing uses, it is not used for sports of any kind, it has been essentially ignored until now
  • and most importantly, there is water onsite (two fire hydrants, one to the north and one to the east of the potential site).

In the photo below, I’ve highlighted the potential community garden space in a light green color.  I’ve highlighted the two fire hydrants with a red “X”.  If Parks is interested in installing an orchard, the north end of this area might be ideal, right up beside the fire hydrant (orchard area identified in a red polygon).  My apologies for jumping ahead… I’m just thinking out loud… it will ultimately be up to the Garden Design committee to decide how the garden would be laid out – that’s the fun part!  Click on the map to see more detail.

Edward Street Park Site

Edward Street Park Site


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