What’s UP?

Despite the glorious weather (outside my window just now I see virtual white-out, blizzard conditions), we gardeners are getting itchy to start growing things.  I already have 4 inch tall snow peas growing in my kitchen!  Next thing you know, I’ll have to setup a trellis against my kitchen table!!  So you may be happy to hear this information which comes from Jerry Hoult….

  • Jerry has heard that Stanley Jones School is looking for gardeners to help with the gardens around the school!
  • We may have an opportunity to setup additional EXAMPLE GARDENS at the Renfrew Community Center against the fence.  The produce would be available to anyone and we could use the opportunity to promote our community garden initiative.

As the Renfrew Community Garden Planning Committee, we are focused on getting our application into the City for approval… but hey… wouldn’t it be fun to get our hands dirty in the meantime!!

The Renfrew Community Garden Planning Committee had a meeting on Friday, April 11, 2014 at the PUB.   The focus of the meeting was to coordinate our efforts into subcommittees with the intention of working towards the completion of our application to the City of Calgary for approval of the Renfrew Community Garden.  For the purposes of the application process, three subcommittees were identified:  Finance/Budget, Design and Bylaws.  These three committees will coordinate with each other and the larger planning committee at regular intervals.  Four deadlines were laid out: the first draft, second draft, final draft and final application submission.  Full details will come out with the formal meeting minutes.

Heike and I have also been discussing a Planning Committee tour of the site.  Up until now, we haven’t discussed it because we’ve been in a deep cold winter.  But with spring approaching, it makes a lot of sense to tour the site as a group.  Things will make a lot more sense after walking the site.  Look for an announcement for a site tour after Easter (hopefully the snow will melt by then!!).


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