RCG Meeting Minutes from April 4, 2014

Renfrew Community Garden Project Meeting – April 4, 2014 – 7:10 pm
Members in Attendance: Lisa, Heike, Marcy, Samantha, Trisha, Marzena, Liane

1. Lisa and Heike attended a meeting at the Boys & Girls Club with City of Calgary’s Park Liaison Ron Buchan on April 3, 2014 at 11:30 AM.
-Advised that waterline and meter installation could cost as little as $2000 or as much as $20,000.  An official estimate is required to determine the actual amount.
-Awaiting approval from Boys & Girls Club regarding tapping into their waterline (and installing our own meter), which raises more questions.  How expensive will the water bill be and how will we pay for it?
-Shed, benches and other miscellaneous equipment from the 50+ Club, will not be made available to us.  It is owned by the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary and is fully utilized by them currently.
-Due to liability issues, only a City of Calgary approved contractor will be allowed to trench for the waterline.
-Berm area is currently being used as a staging/meeting place for Boys & Girls Club programs.
-The City of Calgary may be willing to flatten the berm and relocate the metal garbage bin and bike rack.

2. It was agreed that “realistically” the Renfrew Community Garden will “go live” in Spring 2015.
-To keep up the momentum, we will strive to complete our Community Garden Application to the City of Calgary this spring, get the application approved as soon as we can so that we can use it to generate additional funds for a Spring 2015 go-live.  Most available funding sources (government grants, private donations) will require an approved Community Garden Application, so if we can get that big step completed, we can proceed with the next step of building up our financial resources.

3. Suggested Executive Committee Positions to be Filled (or waiting for confirmation) were discussed as follows:
-Financial Team: Samantha (one or two other membes required)
-Will need to work closely with Garden Layout/Design Team.
-The Budgeting Group must consider every detail and then determine the level of detail required for our application process.  Items discussed included wooden boards, screws, hops fence, concrete blocks, lawn mower, etc.
-Garden Layout/Design Team: Trisha, Heike, Marcy, Lisa, Marzena
-City of Calgary Liaison: Lisa
-Renfrew Community Association Liaison: Lisa, Heike, Samantha, Carrie
-Calgary Horticultural Society/Calgary Community Garden Resource Network Liaison: Volunteers needed
-Volunteer (Gardeners/Non-Gardeners) Liaison: Volunteers needed
-Gardener Membership Team: Volunteers needed
-Renfrew Reflections Reporter: Lisa
-Social Events Coordinator: Volunteers needed
-Governance and Bylaws Team: Trisha, Jerry, Samantha, Marcy
-Items to be addressed include:
-Establishing the bylaws
-Committee interaction
-Garden conduct
-Dues – Yearly? Monthly? Free? Low income provision?
-Volunteer management and commitment
-Garden philosophies and principles (ie., organic? private? public?)
-Fundraising Committee: Samantha

4. Soil Testing Discussion.  Liane reported that we are unable to obtain a physical copy of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA); however, Paul Leong with the City’s Environmental & Safety Management group will make the document available for online perusal by appointment only.  Marcy suggested we have someone knowledgeable review the report, make notes, then ask students to assess for soil remediation suggestions (perhaps Olds College).  Lisa suggested rehabilitating the site via natural means.

5. Calgary Horticultural Society Workshop
Earth Matters: how to have healthy soil to ensure a good harvest
Saturday, April 26, 10 – noon
Calgary Canoe & Rowing Club, 7305 Crowchild Trail SW (free parking)
Presented by Community Crop Garden Society & Community Garden Resource Network

6. Miscellaneous Items
-Trisha mentioned a neighboring community gardener received a supply of wood from a builder at cost.
-Lisa proposed kid’s area with recycled derelict canoes.
-Liane submitted drawing for raised beds at Forest Lawn Library Community Garden on behalf of Vicki.  The Renfrew Community Garden group has been invited to attend several of their meetings.  Contact information was provided on drawing.
-Rain barrels (to be used for storing water) to be added to blog ideas tab.

7. Next Meeting: Friday, April 11, 2014  7:00 – 8:30 pm
Samantha will be absent.


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