Meeting Minutes: February 28, 2014

Community Garden Meeting – Feb 28, 2014 – 7 pm
Members in attendance: 6

Posted by Maureen:

1. Lisa reviewed the result of the survey, which was 10-2 in favour of focusing the committee’s efforts on the Boys & Girls Club site. There is a possibility the site has been brought up to residential standards, but we need to know specifically what has been done where, so we can find out what can and cannot be done (i.e. fruit trees).

Action: Liane will visit the city and make phone calls to try and get copies of the environmental site assessment (ESA) and the report on soil remediation asap. The report will help the committee determine how much, if any, remediation has been done.

2. Garden Committee roles: The committee needs people to fill specific roles.

Action: Lisa and Heike will be co-chairs of the committee, Maureen will be secretary, and we may have a treasurer (to be confirmed). Heike will be the committee’s liaison with the RCA board, attending board meetings regularly starting in April to keep the board up to date and encourage their support. Lisa will submit articles to the Renfrew Reflections.

Note: A volunteer is needed for the position of gardener/volunteer liaison to help make sure we have the manpower needed to prepare the site, provide assistance on project day, etc. If you’re interested, please put your name forward.

3. Lisa presented a “to-do” list (copies are available) of things that need to be accomplished in the coming months — from surveying residents and building a relationship with the B&G club, to determining a budget, to mapping out the site and designing the garden. In order to get the ball rolling, the committee needs to do the “line of sight” survey of residences within view of the B&G Club location.

Action: Heike will investigate the requirements and guidelines are for determining which residences are considered within “line of sight” of the B&G location, and contact the Community Garden Resource Network.

4. The committee needs to determine what type of design it is interested in. Lisa suggested that the V-shaped raised beds may be too small and costly (2×6 feet at $300). There are many decisions to be made, from the type of planters, to the overall design, to creating a shade map, to sourcing benches and sheds. Most decisions cannot be made until we have the remediation and soil reports from the city, but we can start generating ideas.

Action: Heike plans to attend an upcoming Calgary Horticultural Society community garden tour on March 8/9 (?) at a cost of $10. If you’re interested in attending, please confirm with Heike (sorry, can’t find date or info online). The committee will also plan its own tour sometime this spring, when the snow has finally disappeared…

5. Lisa suggested that committee members submit any of their ideas to the blog so they don’t get forgotten. Some of the ideas discussed include finding out if the sheds and benches from the 50+ Club are available for use, looking for planters and trellises and other gardening supplies on sites like Freecycle and Kijiji, etc.

Action: There is an “ideas” tab on the blog, so everyone is welcome to submit.

6. There was some discussion about how regularly the committee needs to meet, and whether weekly is necessary. The hall will not be a good location for March 7. Alternatives to Friday were also discussed. We did not finalize the date and location for the upcoming meeting.

Action: Meetings will be posted on the blog.

Note: Will members also be emailed?


2 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes: February 28, 2014

  1. Note: Do we need planters for all the plants? Maybe some of them could be planted straight to the ground if the quality of soil allows?

    • Parks are telling us that community gardens must be planted in raised beds, however the raised beds can be installed directly on the ground (in contact with the soil below) or raised up on tables. We are also trying to find out if we can plant trees and shrubs (non-edibles) directly into the ground at the Boys & Girls Club location. If the soil quality is food-grade (we are trying to find out if it is), then we have the option to put our raised beds directly on the ground or raise them up on tables. As a design feature, it would be up to us.

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