Meeting Minutes from Febuary 7, 2014

Hello fellow gardeners! Our meeting on Friday was a great success. With 10 of us at the table, we got a lot of business accomplished and I will try to summarize the highlights here:

We started with introductions at 7:03 PM.
Next we moved to a general discussion about the benefits of having a community garden in Renfrew.
Following that we had a discussion on the potential locations for community gardens in Renfrew.  The limiting factor in our community is water.  Since health regulations prohibit us from using collected rainwater on vegetable gardens, we have to find a site with a water service.  In the short term, that limits us to two sites:  the Boys & Girls Club hangar and Readers Crescent.

Pros and Cons of the Boys & Girls Club location:
– the soil is contaminated and so it is classified as a brownfield
– we would have to make an arrangement for water since the water would come from the club’s water service
– local residents have noticed a lot of metal fragments in the soil surrounding the old airport location
– we are currently finding out if we would be allowed to disturb the soil for planting flowerbeds, trees and shrubbery.

Pros and Cons of the Reader Crescent location:
– there are a lot homes on Readers Crescent and we need their support before moving forward there
– there is a water service already available on the boulevard

What about building a water service into a new location?  From what we know, any parks/public land in Renfrew is “eligible” to become a community garden as long as the community supports it, and supports the installation of a water service at the site.  It is only a matter of funding, effort and community support.

We were able to decide on some tasks for the next few weeks.
– Amber was going to check into the possibility of putting a water service into a new site. We also agreed that we’d like to know if the Boys & Girls Club site was eligible for rehabilitation.  Amber will look into that question as well.
– There was general consensus that we wanted to survey Readers Crescent to determine the general feeling toward a community garden at that site by the residents there.  We committed to complete this task within the next two weeks (Lisa, Maureen, Samantha and Cari).  We have to decide on the format of the survey but we generally agreed that this survey would be an informal inquiry, door to door, in person, poll of the owners.

Jerry recommended a “V” shaped planting box that might be right for our garden.  It can be ordered online and is very reasonably priced.

Our next meeting is planned in two weeks, Friday, February 21, 2014, 7:00 PM at the Renfrew Community Centre Pub Night.


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