Getting Our Hands Dirty!

Hello Renfrew Gardeners,

I’ll start by introducing myself – my name is Lisa and I started this blog to share information about our Renfrew Community Garden Project.  Renfrew is an inner-city community located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Renfrew Community Garden initiative is in it’s very early life.  Just like any garden, the Renfrew Community Garden needs vision, planning, nurturing, attention and love.  We are just getting started on the vision and planning phase.  We are making contact with the City Parks department and our Calgary Ward 9 leaders.  We are networking with other community garden groups.  We are educating ourselves about the process of establishing a successful community garden.  We are currently working on creating relationships with the leaders in our communities and adjacent communities and with our own Renfrew Community Association.

There is a lot to do… so we are counting on a lot of community support.  Firstly, we need gardeners and visionaries.  We need carpenters and truck drivers.  We need treasurers and secretaries.  The list goes on and on, so in other words, we need YOU!  Let’s get our hands dirty!!


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