Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2017

“Raised Garden Bed” Building Planning Meeting
Attending:  Isabelle, James, Ken, Heike, Lisa
Meeting Commenced 6:05 PM, Adjourned 7:30 PM

Not knowing what the future holds, we tentatively plan to build all 27 beds (minus the number of beds that the Tetra Society will contribute).  This may change in the future depending on our funding status at the time that we need to order lumber.  We will also build the compost bins, storage bin, 2 benches, a sign frame and trellises if all goes well.

Key Dates:

  • Order the lumber and materials for delivery to the garden site on April 21, 2017
  • Build the beds on April 21-22, 2017
  • If additional days are required to complete the building plan for April 29-30, 2017
  • The beds will be stockpiled around the exterior periphery of the garden until they will be placed into their final positions in May.  (The external boundary of the RCG will be laid out on April 22-23, concurrently with bed building.)


  • Volunteers will sign up for four hour shifts.  Email invitations will be sent out to the volunteers with a link to Doodle Polls where they can commit to a shift.  Isabelle will coordinate the invitations.
  • We have volunteers coming from the following organizations…
    • Ward 9 Staff
    • Kiwanis Club
    • Winston Heights Community Garden
    • Airport Authority
    • RCA/Renfrew Community
    • Others?

Raised Garden Bed Build

  • James will coordinate the actual raised garden bed building including
    • finalize the lumber and materials (15″ screws, etc) required
    • order the lumber (from what supplier TBD)
    • have the lumber delivered to the site
    • coordinate and supervise the bed building on site for all shifts
    • finalize the list of tools required and advise on what to borrow or rent (Tool Library?)


  • Heike will coordinate banner, sandwich boards & fliers
  • Kids will deliver fliers to the surrounding homes (around the garden) to let residents know that the build is starting, significant dates, and asking them to be our “Garden Guardians”.

Compost Bins, Storage Bins, Benches, Signs & Trellises

  • Lisa will put together plans for these other garden elements and allocate materials from the East Village donated wood, make a list of any additional materials required and coordinate the order with James.

Stanley Jones School – MATH

SCOTTS MiracleGRO is donating their Nature’s Care Organic Raised Bed Soil to the Renfrew Community Garden.  But we needed to know how much soil to order.  Stanley Jones School/Alice Jamieson Academy to the rescue!!  Thanks to their amazing geometry skills, we have ordered 43 yards of soil for the project.  Great JOB SJS/AJA!  We really appreciate your help!!


Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2017

Attending:  Heike, Cari, Lisa, Samantha, Ken, Hazel, Manaar and guests Shelley & Sierra (Calgary Eats)

Meeting commenced at 6:05 PM and adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Samantha reports that the “Spring UP! For the Renfrew Community Garden” planned for Friday, March 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM is on track!  Ticket sales are awesome, food donations are coming in from Blush Lane, our local Community Co-op and Boogie Burgers!  There will be beer and burgers (gluten free and vegetarian options are available).  The party planners would like to use the fridge.  The party will not be using the stage if the event is held upstairs.  There is an Insect Condo project for the kids for an extra charge of $5 to cover the costs.

Heike reports that she is waiting to hear back from the Calgary Herald/Sun newspapers regarding the spring gardening insert.  Other candidates to spread the word include the Swerve website, AB Views Magazine, Crossroads Community (to hang a poster), Winston Heights Community (to hang a poster).  We are hanging posters all around town.  Heike phone some lumber suppliers and found that a 12 foot long 4×6 cedar plank costs $50.  Wood order calculations have been done, but needs to be checked over by a third party.

Sierra suggests that the City Palate is a great place to place an ad, but the deadline is 1 month before publications are released.

Lisa reported that she & Cari met with the Kiwanis Club to present the Renfrew Community Garden.  The Kiwanis Club has asked us to present a letter to them outlining what they can do to support the garden, and this letter is in progress.  Grant applications are getting completed like crazy:  2017 Coop Community Spaces Grant, Soul of the City Neighbour Grant, First Calgary Financial Act Local Grant, Tree Canada Edible Tree Grant, Alberta Culture & Tourism Community Initiatives Grants (Alberta Canada 150 Grant and the Project-Based Grant), and others still in progress.  Also this BLOG has been updated with the Raised Garden Bed sizes and rental rates for 2017 under the Registration Form tab.

The group agreed that we would not offer a PRO-RATED rental rate on beds this summer.

Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2017

In attendance: Ken, Hazel, Heike, Lisa, Graeme, James, Sam, Isabelle, Cari, Tyler

Committee members update
The RCG Committee welcomed two new members! Hazel will be our youth liaison with the Stanley Jones School and Graeme joins our committee to help with the grant applications. Welcome to our new members!

Grant update
Still working on several grant applications including the Co-op Community Spaces grant, Alberta-Canada 150 grant and Soul of the City grant.  Edible Tree Grant and First Calgary Financial Grant Applications have been submitted.

Fundraiser update
Spring Up! The fundraiser for the Renfrew Community Garden will be taking place at 7pm on March 24th. $10 ticket includes a beer and a burger (meat or veggie). Live performances by DJ RoyLT and 8 Ball Deluxe, silent auction, 50/50 draw and more! Don’t miss this event and come support your community garden!

Grand opening update
Save the date! The grand opening will take place on June 14th with a morning event with city representatives and an afternoon community. More information will be forthcoming. Keep an eye on our webpage and Facebook page for more details.

Building beds
Tyler coordinated the bed building for the Winston Heights-Mountview Community Garden and attended the meeting to describe the building process for the beds, and share lessons learned and things to avoid.
Meeting adjourned 7:06